Oh Hail No! It’s Just Silly….

Have you ever just sat in reflection of the day and laughed at the silly events while allowing the tears to roll down your cheeks?

Have you noticed the little things and the other things you might normally make big if you weren’t acknowledging the brilliance of it all?


  • It hailed and then the sun came out.
  • An ex took a casual lunch and projected his personal frustrations at me while another ex messaged me out of the blue and asked me to run off to Hawaii with him.
  • Some unexpected judgments slapped me across the face  and directly after, someone else thanked me for sharing the same tools I was previously judged for.
  • and it continued on like that…

That swinging arm of polarity has often held me hostage on the dark side and yet today, it caught up to me with a little humor.

What to do when you are standing in the sun while hail pours down on you?





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