Oh You Know Me, Do You?

The dating world is an interesting place and before I continue with the story, I’d like to say, I do solicit dating possibility and this one was not of my seeking.

I received a message on Facebook from someone I didn’t know and he proceeds to inquire about dating me.  I look at his profile and notice that he is local to the area where I live so I find this curious and proceed with questions.

Have we met before?


How do you know of me?

I saw you on Facebook and thought you were pretty.

Interesting and no thank you.

Come on, I know you are single.

How do you know I am single?

Because I saw you on Tinder.

Did we match?


So you stalked me on Facebook when I didn’t swipe you?

and the conversation ends.


Later he messages me again and makes some small talk and inquires about my business and what I do.  I consider this to be a client possibility and proceed with caution.  We make other small talk and I agree to meet him.  We meet for about an hour and I am not attracted to him and he tries to direct the conversation to dating me.  I end the meet and let him know I am not interested and still he tries to hug me and goes in for a kiss, which I dodge and go about my way to my car.

Several days later he messages me:

You didn’t seem to enjoy the hug, you obviously need physical contact, stop denying it to yourself and invite me over.

I respond to let him know that I normally am a great hugger only I didn’t feel any chemistry with him and I did not wish to lead him on.  He goes on to tell me:

It takes time to get to know people, chemistry not happening right away doesn’t mean a good relationship cannot happen.  You’re not good at making companion decisions but that’s okay, some people never learn.

I thank him for his judgments and leave the conversation.  This was two months ago and then today, as though today wasn’t bazaar enough already, he messages me:

May I ask you a question?


you’ve been married for x years and you’ve had very few where you were happy as far as I understood but most of your life you were in a steady relationship then you come to the “dating” scene again.

Yes married- twice- off and on happy and yes single and in the dating world

without knowing really what’s compatible with you and the first person who’s probably the only guy who you’ll be able to share a lot with and have clear understanding with, you ditch like nothing without getting to know him at all. Now, you DONT know what’s good for you, yet you’re not willing to get to know anyone well and you’re ditching men left and right. maybe you just didn’t think about this process too well, but no women in successful relationships has done stuff like this
What is the question?

why do you do things like that?

 I think you have me confused with someone else

nope, I know you pretty well. We went on a meet that lasted about an hr and you made your mind about me in an extremely judgmental way. I’m just saying, perhaps you should think about stuff a bit further. thats all. I’m hoping you’ll welcome this thought

Interesting point of view.

that’s no way to meet people. You can’t tell anything. specially about me. i’m very “shy” at first

Okay, well it works for me to choose in the moment if I feel a connection or not. It’s not a judgment about you, I’m simply not attracted to you.

You do realize you’ve failed 40 years of relationships, right?  It kinda means you don’t know how to do this things.

I must have been married as a baby, LOL  and you actually know nothing about me. Thanks for your input. I’m good though.

 If you were good, you wouldn’t be single at this age

Hahaha. I’m single by choice silly boy!

and I blocked him.

How often are we pursuing those who are not interested and making them wrong for not choosing us?


How many women out there would play into this?

Dating tip- Stop!


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