0 to Sexy in 21 days….

What have you defined as sexy that stops you from seeing how sexy you truly are?

Being Me Is Sexy

Last summer I played a game with my boys that  redefined fun ( you can eat about that here), and now I a sitting here looking at some interesting points of view around SEXY. I am really curious about what it might create to take that same game and use it to redefine SEXY….

Have you ever gone to the market feeling as though you look your worst and out of no where someone flirts with you?  It’s happened to me and it caught me off guard.  Why?  I had a point of view of what sexy looked like, so looking THAT way should not have brought me THAT attention.  Interesting….  Seems  receiving the compliment would be more appropriate than the judgment, yet that isn’t how it worked, at least for me.  That probably isn’t true for you.

I used to get so mad at my ex because the way he saw me as sexy seemed so ridicules that I thought he was making fun of me.  He wasn’t.  He was actually drawn to my energy and I thought I should look and act a certain way to warrant that attraction.

Has THAT ever happened to you, or in your relationships?

It goes a little bit deeper.

I also compartmentalized everything to include my desirability.  I decided that while I was being: a mom, a boss, a friend, a daughter, sister, a teacher, a counselor, a healer and even a wife…. I wasn’t SEXY…..Heck, I thought I wasn’t sexy in almost every scenario except the one that I looked and behaved in a way that I could only pull off about once every six months or so.

So when was I sexy?

Good question….

and now….

When am I not sexy?

When are you NOT sexy?

Let’s play a little game?

For 21 days, I challenge myself and I ask ALL of you, is it time to get out of the way of  BEing SEXY and step into acknowledging all the places you BE SEXY….

Maybe this starts with asking yourself what sexy looks like, what sexy acts like, What sexy tastes like, breaths like, feels like and so on.  and then, ask yourself if that is even true for you?

You are invited to play along…In public, in private or even with only a thought around it…. It’s your choice….

Let’s get SEXY together….





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